Thursday, January 15, 2015

This Week's Meal Plan

My life is about to get exceptionally wacky in the next few weeks. See, one of the reasons I vanished for several months is I started a home-based business selling clothing. I was doing really well at it actually, but the Powers That Be made the decision to close. So I have until March 15 to wrap up my business and hopefully have enough change set aside to cover the rest of Kieran's preschool costs.

And while I might have quite a few parties and travel plans laid out ahead of me, I'm not going to let that intervene in my time here this time. Because I missed this! I missed my time with you guys! I love sharing my plans and recipes and having a space to indulge my food passions. So I'm sticking with it.

But I might be just a bit spacey in the next few posts. Just an FYI and please forgive me.

Thursday Gavin was sick the other night so I put this dish off. Since I have all the ingredients sitting in my fridge, it HAS to be made tonight.

Friday Traveling with my boys!

Saturday Enjoying my Mommy-in-law's delicious cooking!


  • Freezer Find. I've been stocking up again.



  • Leftovers


Happy planning!!
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