Thursday, January 8, 2015

This Week's Meal Plan

So my 3 year-old got sick last month. We thought it was just a 24-hour bug thing, but it lingered. And lingered. And lingered.

Basically, the poor kid had rotavirus and now cannot have any sort of dairy for several weeks.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to tell dairy-centric child that he cannot have any cheese, milk, or butter??

It's certainly making me think a little more creatively when it comes to meal planning. Please note that any dish you see below that seems to call for milk or butter, I will be using a dairy-free option.


  • Snack Night. This usually involves an assortment of snackable goodies like crackers or bread, cheese (PB or or some assorted nuts for Kieran), fresh fruit, veggies & hummus, etc. I like doing this sometimes in place of pizza for movie night.


  • Pizza, cheese-less for Kieran. Thankfully, my preferred pizza crust is dairy free.
  • Popcorn. I'll scoop some aside to put some kind of topping other than butter on it.



  • Sandwiches. I have a thing starting around dinner time so I think I'll give Rob and break and make dinner really simple for him. Especially since he's working all weekend.
  • Chips or fresh veggies


  • Experiment! Pork Tenderloins with Orange Blossom Honey Mustard
  • Rice. I might play with adding toasted pecans and raisins to it.
  • Steamed veggies



  • Leftovers

Happy planning!!
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